Snow Day

Snow Day, originally uploaded by azialunasea.

I live in a part of the world where it snows only about once every 100 years (I mean *real* snow..we get ice storms and occasional light frost on the grass.). It happened when I was four. So I’m not expecting to see snow again, unless I go skiing or there is a dramatic climatic shift caused by us doing disturbing things to the atmosphere. But if it were snowing outside, this is what I’d want to wear.

I had been admiring this sweater at Muism for a couple of weeks but it is intended as menswear. My avatar is rather small and altering prims sized for men so that they’ll fit her tiny frame is always an iffy proposition. But after I found this collar with the hood at Sweetest Good-bye, I knew it had to be. Fortunately, the sweater’s prims were modifiable and it shrunk down perfectly.

[Edit Jan, 26: Muism has now released this sweater for women.]

Skin: Nomine – Sylvan Latte
Eyes: Sn@tch – Soulful Eyes (Cobalt)
Hair: Novocaine – Sildete (silk)

Sweater: Muism – Chunky Sweater, Honeycomb Knit Smoke
Hood: Sweetest Good-bye – BANG! (white)

Location: Silent Sparrow


~ by azialaughs on January 12, 2009.

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