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Today I visited the Mao sim. It’s got a remarkably peaceful feel to it, considering that the build features a replica of the Great Wall of China, the world’s greatest monument to folks refusing to tolerate each other. I won’t go into my personal opinions of the former Chinese leader for whom this sim was (probably..I couldn’t find anything which confirmed this) named. Let’s just say that I advocate the upholding, on an international level, of a common standard of Human Rights which I do not think his regime quite lived up to. Not every US Presidency has lived up to that standard either.

I was going to write something terribly profound, in light of President Obama’s inauguration. I think we’re all feeling almost drunken with hope. My words seem a bit hollow in comparison to the feeling, so I’m just going to let it be.

The cute little bird on my shoulder is a new creation by the endlessly talented Hyasynth Tiramisu, of Silent Sparrow. His name is Possum. Possum comes in several colors and has options for changing his size and texture. My little Possum is a special color edition which Hya has released as a reward in the 7 Seas fishing area on her sim.

And yes, I’m dressed in Japanese attire on a Chinese sim. I love wearing kimono and wish I could find this one in real life. It comes with a less sheer version of the top as well but I’m not feeling that modest today.

Skin: Domestic -V – DV-00-Geisha-2008
Hair: Zero Style – Ayase (Dark Chocolate)
Eyes: Sn@tch – Soulful Eyes (Cobalt)
Lashes: The Stringer Mausoleum – *TSM* Ninja Star Lash (Black)

Kimono: Sweetest Good-bye – Breeze (Black & Khaki)
Parasol: Orchid Dreams – No longer available
Hairstick: Little Boy Blue – LBB Ame hairstick (LBB is inside the FallnAngel Creations main store)

Bird on my shoulder: Silent Sparrow – SuperUltraRare possum (cloudy)
Location: Mao sim


~ by azialaughs on January 21, 2009.

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