Egyptian Nights

Bastet, originally uploaded by azialunasea.

Bastet is Ivey Deschanel’s amazing contribution to the Digital Alchemy exhibit. Ivey outdid herself again with this gorgeous, complete outfit representing the cat-like protector Goddess of Lower Egypt and defender of the Pharaohs, Bastet. You get Everything.. shape, skin, eyes, hair, cross-over top, dancing skirt, gold and lapis blue jewelry and matching shoes. And with the usual Sn@tch sense of humor, Ivey included jewel encrusted Neko ears and tail to help you capture the spirit of Bastet.

Digital Alchemy – Inspired by Ancient Egypt opened at the Kings Rezzable sim on Friday, Feb. 6. We had a really nice show presented by Nocturne Modelling Agency and Rezzable.

The fashions made especially for this exhibit are just marvelous and truly capture the spirit and feel of ancient Egyptian mythology and culture. Between crashes, my buddy Morgania Noarlunga was able to make the show and caught a few pics of the outfits I wore. Not his best work but he was having an unusually bad SL day.


This is Amanra from Kungler’s worn with PXL’s Efe skin in purple, the Cleo Bob and Tiara from Inorite and Kifi shape from Shapes by Kira.


Here I’m wearing Digit Darkes’ Lotus Gown. There are no words for how beautifully this skirt moves. The hair is Kehrpi from The Stringer Mausoleum. Under it all, I’m wearing Wasabi Pills’ Taueret skin in sand and the Shimei shape by Shapes by Kira.


For the third walk, I wore Casa del Shai’s Nefertari in Gold. I think I love this coined tiara by Inorite made for the Cleo Bob. My skin is PXL’s Efe with green makeup and I’m wearing it with the Kifi shape from Shapes by Kira.

This latest Rezzable build is a definite must-see. To either side of the landing point, you may hop a golden chariot which will take you on a tour of part of the sim. All of the designs from the show are available exclusively at Kings Rezzable for the duration of the exhibit.

Location: Kings Rezzable
Poses: Long Awkward Pose (1 & 3) and BehaviorBody (2)


~ by azialaughs on February 7, 2009.

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