First Watch

First Watch

After three days of rough seas, the crew was exhausted. I steared her into a secluded lagoon just as the clouds broke and the moon shown a quiet sea behind us. I sent the First Mate ashore for fresh water and the rest went below for a wink. I stood the first watch.

Skin: Nomine Sylvan Latte – Vamp Brown
Hair: Lamb – Breeze – Kit Kat
Eyes: Miriel – Watercolor

Jacket: Illuminati – Requiem
Shirt: The Black Canary – Dreamer – blouse and right upper sleeve
Cravat: To a T – Ravenswood Regency Cravat – white
Stockings: Sn@tch – cameltoe fishnets (from Colorchange Legwarmer set)
Hat: Illusions – Cap’n Jack Hat
Belt: Illusions – Pirate Belt with Pouch and Compass
Gloves: Illusions – Pirate Gloves – Pointed
Eyepatch: Illusions – Rogue’s Eyepatch
Boots: Coquette – OTK Boots – black
Sword: Stygian Weapons – Simple Straitblade

Location: Tol Narwa Vire
Pose: Long Awkward Pose

For Mister Morrigan’s TBC Pirate Contest.


~ by azialaughs on March 5, 2009.

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