Low Lag = Moar Fun!


On her blog, Achariya said to post our favorite low prim/arc outfit so you know we all have to do it! Here I am at Clothing Fair 2009, sporting lagfree fabulousness with two ladies who are always beautiful and trend-setting Olivia Connaught and Ashia Tomsen.

That’s me in the SquirrelTech Orb avatar. 1 prim, 17 arc and way fun! Whenever I wear this, it always draws compliments and has inspired some great jokes. There are a lot of really cool particle effects which you can use if the situation is such that you’re not worrying about increasing graphical lag for others but I usually leave them turned off. The avatar consists of a very tiny shape, a skin and the round prim which contains the scripts for configuring its appearance (touch activated), an animation which curls you up into the ball, a toy and instructions. It brings a whole new level of excitement to playing Skee Ball!

Orb Avatar: SquirrelTech


~ by azialaughs on March 16, 2009.

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