Another Bunny Story

another bunny, originally uploaded by azialunasea.

Her son and I shared a weird, karmic sort of relationship; on and off and on again for several years. But between his mother and I, it was true love. We had both casually collected rabbit figurines for many years before our meeting. Within weeks, she and I had planted a garden of lettuces, herbs and flowers around her terraced backyard. Scattered throughout were a few bunnies from our collections.

One day she and I were on our knees getting our hands muddy when her son arrived at her home. He stepped out onto the patio and stood there for a while, surveying the world from his usual superior attitude, before saying; “Someday, hundreds of years from now, archeologists are going to unearth this hilltop and assume that we worshipped rabbits.”.

Eventually, he married one of the many girls he had been stringing along, telling me that it would be good for his career. This didn’t stop him from showing up at my door. I found an opportunity to relocate to another city several hundred miles away and cut communication with him and his mother when I moved. I miss her.

The itutu sim has reopened after renovation. There is a hunt for golden apples containing marvelous things from the talented resident designers. The hunt lasts until April 19th.

Avatar and clothing: **DP**Yumyum – Story of a Bunny (blue), sweat cardigan (dark pink), corsage cloche (pink), short pants (black)

Boots: [0N] Zero Number – Wo Boots Gomi

Location: itutu sim


~ by azialaughs on April 5, 2009.

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