Nomming da Stem

Coeur, originally uploaded by azialunasea.

I have this mad, mad love for socks. But not just any socks, they have to be special to win my heart. These LO Socks from Miel have everything; interesting textures, shadows, sculpted rolled cuffs and Buttons! I’m wearing the ebony plaid socks with Miel’s RO shorts, BO Lace T-back top and its sculpted lace collar.

Miel Shop is a relatively new establishment with a small, but unique, selection of items featuring little surprises; like the lace on the back of this tee, its lace textured collar and the flowers which are neatly tucked into a pocket of her SF outfit. I’m looking forward to her future releases!

Last night, while wandering around, I ran into my old buddy Leaf SpiritWeaver. I hadn’t seen him in Ages! Seems he’s been sequestered away working on a new project with his besties, Topaz “Taz” Tomsen and Griffin Mornington. If Leaf is known for anything moreso than his sardonic wit, it is his eloquent word-crafting.

Leaf, Griffin and Taz have put together a slew of adorable, scripted edibles, a huggable Teddy Bear and fresh cherries. This fruit is fresh in more ways than one. You should hear some of the things it says! My favorite piece is the Gloomcookie. As Leaf explained to me, “Buying a treat here is like adopting a pet..each one has its own unique personality.” Their newly opened shop is named Griffin’s and more locations are being planned.

I’m hanging out at Creve Coeur today. It’s a new shopping area built by Babyhoney Bailey and Waverly Kline. The shops are just opening up and this place has got Win written all over it.

Skin: Domestic V – May skin group gift
Hair: Uncle Web – Reed (brown) UW has just reopened and is offering this hair, intended for men and another for women, free until the end of May.

Shirt: Miel Shop – BO Shirt (Ebony)
Shorts: Miel Shop – RO Shorts – (Ebony Plaid)
Socks: Miel Shop – LO Socks – (Ebony Plaid)
Shoes: { Kari } – Skull&bones&waves High tops.

Cherries: Griffin’s – Don’t Eat da Stem!!
Pose: Pffiou! L’Oiseau
Location: Creve Coeur


~ by azialaughs on May 4, 2009.

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