Vendor Support Month


June 1st marks the starting date of the Vendor Support Month event, organized by Morrigan Denimore (The Black Canary) and Yukio Ida ([Gauze]). During the month of June, the 50 participating designers will each make available in their main location an example of their artistry, purchasable for $L10. This is a great opportunity to check out new-to-you designers, at your leisure and without the lag, confusion or time constraints of a hunt or LM chain. For more information about the event and to see who is participating, please visit the Vendor Support Month blog.


This is the Tun-Dere Hoodie by Yukio Ida of [Gauze]. It features an original image drawn by Yukio. The name, Tun-Dere is a moe-inspired colloquialism which Yukio translates as meaning “a girl who is cold and her heart is frozen, until the right lover comes to thaw it”.

The Tun-Dere hoodie is unisex and comes in dark blue (shown), black, purple and dark brown (all colors are included in your purchase). The rich textures make this a hoodie to warm anyone’s heart. The Tun-Dere hoodie will be available through the month of June at the [Gauze] main location for $L10, as Yukio’s contribution to the VSM event.

Vendor Support Month

Skin: Rockberry – Uma A natural
Hair: Exile – Veronica (cheyanne)

Hoodie: [Gauze] Hoodie – Tun-Dere (dark blue)
Pants: Sn@tch – Rode Hard Jeans (Black)

Pose: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Insilico


~ by azialaughs on May 29, 2009.

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