VSM – The Black Canary


This Staff, Wings and Pose prop set by Mister Morrigan Denimore is his offering for Vendor Support Month on behalf of his shop, The Black Canary. The flame-tipped staff is beautifully detailed; with the tattered edges of its banner and its ornamentation in silver with pale blue and gray accents. The staff’s flame may be turned on and off with a chat command. The banner’s canary and cross motif will strike a note of familiarity with Mister Morrigan’s clientele.

The kneeling pose is a priority 4 and will override most AOs. The pose’s transitions are smooth and of medium speed; lending a natural movement which would not be immersion breaking in roleplay. I like how the white wings are impressive in stature, without being too overwhelming for my avatar’s small frame. A perfect addition to the wardrobe of anyone who is occasionally left guarding the drawbridge.

Please keep in mind that the Vendor Support Month event starts tomorrow, Monday, June 1st. You may find more information about the event by visiting the Vendor Support Month blogsite.

All too often, I fail to mention the eyes which I usually wear. I think it’s because I’ve worn them for so long that they’ve become as if a part of me. I acquired them during one of my first shopping trips in SL and have never found any which I like quite as well. They are still available for free from Miriel’s shop. But, unfortunately, not for long. Miriel has recently announced that she will be closing her shop and sim soon (no final date set yet). In addition to beautiful eyes, Miriel is well-known for her gorgeous jewelry. The sim is a lovely and tranquil place, well worth a visit. Miriel is also the namesake of these boots from Illusions.

Staff, Wings and Pose: The Black Canary for Vendor Support Month

Skin: Rockberry – Uma A natural
Eyes: Miriel – Miriel Standard Eyes (Watercolor)
Hair: Exile – Veronica (cheyanne)
Ears: Plastik – Animalistic Elven Ears

Outfit: The Black Canary – Charisma
Shoes: Illusions – Miriel Granny Boots

Location: Necrosis Noctis


~ by azialaughs on May 31, 2009.

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