Life After Death

Last night, Nocturne Modelling Agency presented a most amazing fashion show. Now..most shows are pretty cool, in their own right and I’ve had the great fortune to participate in some really nice ones. But this one, entitled “Life After Death”, featuring clothing designs from Blue Blood and The Black Canary with jewelry from Little Boy Blue was an event which I won’t soon forget.

The set by Omaire Abattoir, Ravyn Hynes and Anicia Medici was simply breathtaking. The audience entered a delapidated Gothic theater, lit only by candlelight. The seating, surrounded by ornate railing, overlooked a cavernous stage of swirling water which separated the viewers from an imposing harpsichord, perched upon boulders, as though it might reside there for eternity.

The models entered into view riding gondolas, festooned with cream-colored roses and ribbons, built by Macio Michalak and Morrigan Denimore. The gondolas’ movement was brilliantly scripted by Vaalith Jinn.

The lovely, Ryder Foxdale was our Mistress of Ceremonies and music was provided by Gecko Gorilla. The show spanned the Pulse and Sn@tch City sims, owned by Ivey Deschanel and Roblem Hogarth, who were wonderfully accomodating and helped tremendously to keep the production going. My thanks to Nocturne Modelling Agency Director, Voshie Paine, for allowing me to participate in this event.

Here, I’m wearing Lovebound, by Morrigan Denimore for The Black Canary. Lovebound has been one of my favorites of Mister Morrigan’s designs since its release. This picture shows a bit of the gorgeous roses decorating the gondolas.

Isabella is by Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood. It is a rare treat for me to wear such a sumptuous gown. This was my first opportunity to meet Ghanima and she was absolutely charming.


Here is a closer look at the lovely Amauera ring and earrings by Tomoyuki Batra of Little Boy Blue. The last picture shows the Ullu’me Fuin wedding ring set, also from Little Boy Blue. My photography skills cannot do them justice. Tomoyuki’s artistry is amazing. I have been truly honored with the opportunity to wear his designs for a show.
Suit: The Black Canary – Lovebound
Gown: Blue Blood – Isabella in red
Jewelry: Little Boy Blue – Amauera ring and earrings – Gondolin and Ullu’me Fuin wedding set

Poses: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Sn@tch City


~ by azialaughs on June 13, 2009.

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