Friday Night Fun


It was Friday night and not much going on until Bho says “Hey, come talk while we take pictures!” and I say “Sure!”. Machang was on the pose stand and we talked about clothes and food and guys..all the stuff girls talk about. Then we all put on this new hair which Machang made for AOHARU. We decided it’s “Mary Kate” hair (but it is named “Lauren”), so we lit cigarettes and pretended to get drunk and bitchy. Then I said “Hey, let’s all go to the Hair Fair!”. But Machang was sleepy so she went to bed to dream of cinnamon rolls. (nomnom)

Bho and I scribbled on the sidewalk at Creve Coeur (we like it there) for a while. Then we went back to the gypsy camp and dressed up like bald, tattooed, space aliens. Bho found Waverly and off we went to HF09..and miraculously, got in!

I, promptly, got lost. But Tek found me and showed me his new hairs. He’s on an aquatic kick right now which I really love. We talked about Louisiana Crazy, Absinthe and Arkham. Then I went to sleep. Here’s pics of his latest amazing styles from Tekeli-li Dark Artistry.



Nixie, which is Tek’s Hair Fair gift, just look for the treasure chest at his booth. Also in the chest are Chained Crystal Earrings, Crystalled Hairsticks, Tiny Faeryfish Pets and a Small Metal Treasure Chest.


Anemone, which moves in incredible ways.


WOW! All are worn in the above pics with the Aether skins from Nomine, which are on sale for a few more days along with the rest of the specialty skin lines.

First pic:

Skin: Rockberry – Uma E Natural
Eyes: Miriel – Standard Eyes Watercolor
Hair: AOHARU – Lauren CocoaBrown

Top: Maitreya – Sarong Top (turquoise)
Jeans: Maitreya – Skinny Jeans (worn here with the belt from the Boyfriend Jeans)

All the rest:

Skin: Nomine – Aether skins in Demon (red), Aquamarine and Grape Constellation
Eyes: Riddle – Deep Violet Eyes
Hair: Tekeli-li Dark Artistry

Poses: Reel Expressions

AOHARU at Hair Fair 09
Tekeli-li Dark Artistry at Hair Fair 09


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