I told myself that I should not blog again, until something Really turned me on. For that, today has been a banner day. First was the Jewelry Fair where I bought Illusions‘ Cord Jewelry. Then I got the group notice from [][]Trap[][] with pics of their new Hakama pants. These are awesome and I’ve been looking for something like them for ages.

I love these Drude Ears from ElfPyre, by Daarc Dagger. Daarc was having a special give away at her shop today and this is one of the skins she was randomly giving to visitors. I asked her if she planned on putting it up for sale and she said, “Well, I MIGHT be selling them, I do really like the makeups I ended up doing, so in the future it’s a possibility. I haven’t quite decided yet.” I really love it when people keep SL in perspective like hard and fast it if you feel like it.

Skin: ElfPyre=pale=Random present day2
Ears: ElfPyre – Drude Ears
Eyes: The Plastik – Mischa-vi
Hair: Black Maria – RIUS (black)

Top: *BOOM* – Tera (black)
Pants: [][]Trap[][] – Hakama Pants (black)
Jewelry: Illusions – Cord Necklace, Armbands and Bracelets (at the Jewelry Fair)

Location: Pax
Pose: Striking Poses


~ by azialaughs on September 20, 2009.

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