VSM – :WhoNose:

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This lovely gown is the Vendor Support Month offering from Rarurick Ragu, of :WhoNose:. The included necklace, bracelet, crown and pumps echo the starburst motif of the billowing, assymetrical skirt. The complete ensemble is available for $10L at :WhoNose: until the end of June.

Vendor Support Month blog

skin: Rockberry – Uma D light
eyes: Miriel – Standard Eyes (Watercolor)
Hair: Exile – Ciara (cheyanne)

Ensemble: :WhoNose: Dark Star Gown, Jewelery and Pumps

Pose: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Oubliette sim


~ChaosLotus~ for VSM

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This Chain and Jelly jewelry set by Agnes Periapse is the Vendor Support Month offering from ~ChaosLotus~. The complete set consists of the choker, with upper armbands and bracelets for both, right and left. As with all VSM offerings, the set is priced at $10L and will be available through the month of June.

I had not visited ~ChaosLotus~ for quite a while so I stopped by this morning. I was amazed by how much the shop’s stock has grown and the wide range of styles. Whether you’re looking for something edgy, colorful and funky or more formal and delicate; ~ChaosLotus~ has jewelry which will interest you.

Vendor Support Month blog

Skin: [Rockberry] Uma A natural
Eyes: (Miriel) – Standard Eyes (Watercolor)
Hair: Uncle Web Studios – Reed (brown)

Jewelry: ~ChaosLotus~ – Chain+Jelly jewelry set (armbands, bracelets and choker)
Shirt: Sn@tch – Drama Sheers (Off Shoulder)

Pose: Flowey – into your virtual panties ($1L, for a limited time)

More from VSM

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C&D Designs and The Stringer Mausoleum for Vendor Support Month


Cherelle Capra, of C&D Designs, is well-known for her quality home furnishings. These “Nimba Floor and Pendant Lamps” are Cherelle’s offering for the Vendor Support Month event. Four each of the floor and pendant lamps may be found in the package, with both black and white framed versions included. A great deal for $10L!

A touch of the lamps will give you a menu with which you may change the globe’s color and shine options. For those using Windlight, the lamps have the glow feature enabled. While visiting Cherelle’s shop, I was inspired to create a little reading corner for myself. The lamps, lounge chair and print are welcome additions to my otherwise bare studio.

Cherelle’s sister is the multi-talented Helena Stringer, proprietress of The Stringer Mausoleum. This skin is part of Helena’s Rainbow Skins collection and is one of her offerings for the VSM event. The tee is her men’s selection for VSM. Both come with many color versions.

Recently, Cherelle and Helena have been working on a new sim which they’ve dedicated in memory of their mother. It is apparent that a lot of effort has gone into planning Aurora Vale to be a place to which visitors will want to return. There are caverns to explore, a lounge and shop areas. And Helena has her cemetery again! Aurora Vale is open for pre-launch adventuring but do keep in mind that they are still building. Helena has hidden several of her skins in boxes throughout the sim, to encourage visitors to wander around.

Vendor Support Month is an event to encourage shoppers to visit shops which they aren’t familiar with by providing an example of the designer’s artistry at a low cost. All items for VSM are priced at $10L. You may learn more about VSM, including the shop names of the participating designers by visiting the Vendor Support Month Blog.

Lamps: C&D Designs – Nimba Floor and Pendant Lamps (for VSM)
Print: C&D Designs – “Graphic Affair”
Chair: C&D Designs – “L.A. Sq Lounge Chair” (white)

Skin: The Stringer Mausoleum – *TSM* Rainbow Skins-C90-Festive (For VSM)
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum – In The Rain (dirty tipped)

Shirt – The Stringer Mausoleum – *TSM* Equilizer V-neck Tee (steely teal) (for VSM)
Jeans: *COCO* – Loose Style Denim (Paris blue)

VSM – Blue Blood

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This classic, Empire styled gown is Ghanima Uriza’s offering for Vendor Support Month, on behalf of her shop, +++Blue Blood+++. There are two bodice versions, with and without the lace panel insert. The sculpted ribbon, which sits just below the breasts, is separate from the skirt and is finished at mid-back with a graceful bow. The cream colored skirt is banded in black and has two layers of outer textures for a finished look when moving. A tulle underskirt peeks out from beneath.

The Vendor Support Month event begins today and continues through the end of June. Fifty designers are participating and all offerings for this event are priced at $10L each. If you are not familiar with Ghanima’s talent with textures and sculpties, this gown is a lovely, low-cost introduction to her skills.

Vendor Support Month Blog

Skin: [Rockberry] Uma FUSION Light
Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes – Watercolor
Hair: Exile – Love Song (chocolate)
Ears: The Body Politik – Elf Ears

Gown: +++Blue Blood+++ VSM2009 Gown

Pose: Tuli – Lolita 4

VSM – The Black Canary

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This Staff, Wings and Pose prop set by Mister Morrigan Denimore is his offering for Vendor Support Month on behalf of his shop, The Black Canary. The flame-tipped staff is beautifully detailed; with the tattered edges of its banner and its ornamentation in silver with pale blue and gray accents. The staff’s flame may be turned on and off with a chat command. The banner’s canary and cross motif will strike a note of familiarity with Mister Morrigan’s clientele.

The kneeling pose is a priority 4 and will override most AOs. The pose’s transitions are smooth and of medium speed; lending a natural movement which would not be immersion breaking in roleplay. I like how the white wings are impressive in stature, without being too overwhelming for my avatar’s small frame. A perfect addition to the wardrobe of anyone who is occasionally left guarding the drawbridge.

Please keep in mind that the Vendor Support Month event starts tomorrow, Monday, June 1st. You may find more information about the event by visiting the Vendor Support Month blogsite.

All too often, I fail to mention the eyes which I usually wear. I think it’s because I’ve worn them for so long that they’ve become as if a part of me. I acquired them during one of my first shopping trips in SL and have never found any which I like quite as well. They are still available for free from Miriel’s shop. But, unfortunately, not for long. Miriel has recently announced that she will be closing her shop and sim soon (no final date set yet). In addition to beautiful eyes, Miriel is well-known for her gorgeous jewelry. The sim is a lovely and tranquil place, well worth a visit. Miriel is also the namesake of these boots from Illusions.

Staff, Wings and Pose: The Black Canary for Vendor Support Month

Skin: Rockberry – Uma A natural
Eyes: Miriel – Miriel Standard Eyes (Watercolor)
Hair: Exile – Veronica (cheyanne)
Ears: Plastik – Animalistic Elven Ears

Outfit: The Black Canary – Charisma
Shoes: Illusions – Miriel Granny Boots

Location: Necrosis Noctis

Vendor Support Month

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June 1st marks the starting date of the Vendor Support Month event, organized by Morrigan Denimore (The Black Canary) and Yukio Ida ([Gauze]). During the month of June, the 50 participating designers will each make available in their main location an example of their artistry, purchasable for $L10. This is a great opportunity to check out new-to-you designers, at your leisure and without the lag, confusion or time constraints of a hunt or LM chain. For more information about the event and to see who is participating, please visit the Vendor Support Month blog.


This is the Tun-Dere Hoodie by Yukio Ida of [Gauze]. It features an original image drawn by Yukio. The name, Tun-Dere is a moe-inspired colloquialism which Yukio translates as meaning “a girl who is cold and her heart is frozen, until the right lover comes to thaw it”.

The Tun-Dere hoodie is unisex and comes in dark blue (shown), black, purple and dark brown (all colors are included in your purchase). The rich textures make this a hoodie to warm anyone’s heart. The Tun-Dere hoodie will be available through the month of June at the [Gauze] main location for $L10, as Yukio’s contribution to the VSM event.

Vendor Support Month

Skin: Rockberry – Uma A natural
Hair: Exile – Veronica (cheyanne)

Hoodie: [Gauze] Hoodie – Tun-Dere (dark blue)
Pants: Sn@tch – Rode Hard Jeans (Black)

Pose: Long Awkward Pose
Location: Insilico

aLways Love

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cc1, originally uploaded by azialunasea.

This post is dedicated to Ms. Callie Cline, one of the most thoughtful, giving, caring and community conscious women which I’ve known, in Any world. MUUAAAHHH!

Skin: [Rockberry] – Uma E natural
Hair: [LeLutka] – Anna (chocolate brown)
Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes – Watercolor

From caLLie cLine – Cowgirl Jane Top, aLways Love jeans, Fat Bracelet, Sparkle Sunglasses, Happy Head Reindeer Antlers (blingtastic!), ::tOmbOy:: Boo Boo Superfighter plaster (band aid)

Boots: J’s – Western Boots (black)

Dancing Cow attachment by Blain Candour and Corona Bottle – gifts from Ms. C. ❤