Making Friends

Snapshot_003, originally uploaded by azialunasea.

Once again, Hyasynth Tiramisu and, her partner, Jessica Ornitz have done a beautiful rebuild of their Silent Sparrow sim. I’ve had wonderful fun exploring the new build, although the wildlife and I have a few trust issues to work through. All it’s going to take is some therapy and a little corn (guess who gets the corn).

My new favorite accessory is the prim work from the Elizabeth Gloves by Pixel Dolls. All six colors may be purchased separately from the Elizabeth Coat. I’ve had a blast seeing what I can match them with.

People keep asking me about the eyes I’ve been wearing. They are a new release from Sn@tch called “Soulful Eyes”. Each purchase comes with a large and a small set. It took eyes this gorgeous to get me back to round pupils.

Nomine: Sylvan Skin – Latte
Sn@tch: Soulful Eyes (Cobalt)
Zero Style: Ayase (Dark Chocolate)

Silent Sparrow: (flourish) grimly skirt (punky), Sylvan collar, Rougenoir lace undershirt
Sn@tch: Badlands Stockings (black), Goth Baby Jacket, Velvet Tank (red)
Lazy Places: Hya – Cloven Hooves (Night)
Illusions: Cerwn Horns
Sinistyle: Chokehold Gloves – Fishnet, Tape, Nails
Guild of Crie: Monokel (Dark-Knight clock)
Pixel Dolls: Elizabeth Gloves (black)

Location: Silent Sparrow
Pose: Long Awkward Pose


~ by azialaughs on January 8, 2009.

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